Delhi 2 Dublin Interview – Tarun Nayar & Sanjay Seran

I had the pleasure of catching up with Delhi 2 Dublin at the California WorldFest in Grass Valley where they were performing. The band Delhi 2 Dublin was formed in 2006 at a St. Patrick’s Day show in Vancouver called “Delhi to Dublin.” Their style consists of a fusion of Bhangra, Electronica, and Celtic music. The members of Delhi 2 Dublin are Tarun Nayar (tabla/electronics), Sanjay Seran (vox), Ravi Binning (dhol), Andrew Kim (sitar/guitar) and Sara Fitzpatrick (fiddle).

In this interview I got to speak with Tarun Nayar and Sanjay Seran, who were great sports with all the questions I had lined up for them. They were really down to earth, fun and entertaining! In this interview find out about them on a personal level; what they are working on and see glimpses of their performance at the California WorldFest.

I must say that in the process of making this video, meeting them and listening to all of their songs; I have become a fan of D2D!
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Performance going on during the interview – Yemen Blues
Songs by D2D featured in interview:
Tabla Boy
Laughing Buddha

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