Mobclix Interview with the Founders – Part 2 of 2

Here is Part 2 of the interview with the founders of Mobclix: Vishal Gurbuxani, Sumit Rai, Krishna Subramanian and Sunil Verma. Mobclix is a mobile ad exchange provider for apps. Mobclix was launched in 2008, and in 2010 was acquired for over $50 million by Velti, a global mobile marketing agency.
The founders of Mobclix lead by the motto “work hard, play hard!” Not only are they innovative and hardworking, but they are also adventurous and have a great sense of humor! In this interview you will learn more about their personal side: what’s next, vegetarianism, what they splurge on, their favorite vacation spot, celebrity crush and more. Mobclix is all about advertisement for apps, so I had to ask them what their favorite app is? Hope you enjoy this candid interview!

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